Merger & Integration Support

Tacchyonn can help you develop and implement a seamless integration process that makes sure your entire organization remains committed to the cause.

In order to do so, our specific attention goes out to 4 key elements:

  1. Flawless preparation with clear KPIs
  2. Secured continuity of the execution
  3. Transparent communication to stakeholders on all levels
  4. Ensured people commitment throughout your entire organization

Tacchyonn actively co-operates with your company’s management to make sure that new components become an actual part of your existing organization. We monitor the integration of operational processes and methods, infrastructure management and company culture and policies.

When integrating new entities or activities into your organization, it is vital to ensure continuity of your daily operations and minimize productivity loss. Tacchyonn has developed a method to harmonize strategy, culture and infrastructure of your new branches with little or no downtime at all.

1. Preparation:

  • Define the best way to fit the new component into the existing organization
  • Define how the new organization will be controlled
  • Prepare a renewed business plan
  • Draw up a blueprint of the integrated organization
  • Establish a merger integration office (co-ordination & communication center)

2. Integration:

Setting up the actual integration of your new branches or divisions, we will focus on a number of crucial aspects, including:

  • Business objectives
  • Staffing
  • Infrastructure, systems and processes

3. Communication

  • Communication with stakeholders on all levels (board members, management, employees, clients, suppliers)
  • Implementation of company policies
  • Monitoring and evaluation
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