Growth Strategy Support

Before launching any growth initiative Tacchyonn looks at your organization the way an architect would: starting out by inspecting the foundations. We offer solutions to resolve issues relating to Sales & Marketing, Production & Logistics, Research & Development, Finance & Controlling and Human resources. When everything is in place to maximize the success rate of your future projects, we will help you make the best strategic choices possible regarding various aspects such as Make or Buy, Risk Management, Deployment & Maintenance costs, ...

We reinforce your internal resources with our experience and hands-on approach. We identify promising partnerships, propose priorities and engage in negotiations on your behalf. We actively search for opportunities while tightly evaluating and managing all risk factors.

We strongly believe that growth is sustainable only if it is built on a solid base. That is why – before engaging in any other activity – we will always team up with your company’s management to develop a shared knowledge and understanding of your current organization and its market environment.

1. We draw up a comprehensive inventory of insights into your key business factors

This document will be our guide to building a tailor-made growth strategy for your enterprise. It contains all necessary information about:

  • Vision, mission and long-term objectives
  • Corporate culture and values
  • Infrastructure, policies and procedures
  • Product portfolio
  • Production and logistics
  • Available resources
  • IP and technology
  • Market conditions, perspectives and evolutions
  • Challenges and opportunities

2. Together with your company’s executive management, we will also

  • Define your growth ambition and long-term goals
  • Quantify investment in time and money and identify required resources
  • Divide responsibilities, define Tacchyonn’s mandate and make the necessary resources available
  • Monitor and enhance added value levels

3. Even at this early stage we dedicate specific attention to integration

• Integration is the key to your future success. It will help you and your employees manage the increased complexity of your expanded business organization.

Monitoring & evaluation

During the entire process we keep a clear eye on what we want to achieve. We assay each project milestone in order to quickly respond to changing conditions and shift priorities if needed.

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